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When I speak to companies on their customer experience initiatives, there is almost fatigue with the fact that change is not happening fast enough. Usually customer facing staff are blamed for not delivering according to expectations, product teams are blamed for delivering products that customers don’t want and the silo mentality continues….

As many of us in this field know, establishing customer centricity in any organization is a journey that requires leadership commitment and perseverance at all levels. That is, however, not enough if the organization does not have a system in place to keep the momentum going. There is work to be done at all levels of the organization and all moving parts need to keep focused on the customer while meeting the objectives of other stakeholders such as shareholders. It is especially during the difficult economic turns that organizations find it difficult to remain focused on the customer.

Organizations need to build their strategies based on an understanding of the customer they are delivering to and their vision as an organisation. Infusing the whole organization with this understanding is the work that requires persistence. How do you ensure that your product is a reflection of your brand promise? How do you align your processes and systems to your brand promise and ensure that your staff are empowered to remain true to it? The CX Systemic Infographic shows the different aspects of the business that need to reflect your customer strategy before you can expect your sales and service staff to deliver your desired customer experience consistently.


Motivation by Design (Pty) Ltd, South Africa and Experience by Design Ltd, Kenya are sister companies bridging the customer experience gap and supporting companies as customer experience coaches who assist companies in implementing their customer strategy. While we may be knowledgeable in the field of customer experience, our clients are experts in their business. We partner with our clients to blend our knowledge and theirs to create what we or they cannot create on their own and hence creating value.

We are passionate about the delivery of customer experience as rated by your customer. Sustainability of the customer-centric approach is core to our delivery and we therefore collaborate and facilitate the shaping of the strategy so that the skills are transferred to the organization. 

If you are just starting on your customer experience journey or want to optimize your organization to deliver to your clients, we will assist you with setting up the customer experience team, customer journey mapping, training and coaching to ensure a successful implementation. Contact us on